vineri, 2 martie 2012


So, I was thinking the you might like an update :) Everything is going according the plan: still 35 degrees, still nasty kids in school, same lesson plans :) But this place is getting better because of the people!!! :)

Today there was my day in the radio. So in the big break there were Suie Paparude, Shukar Collective, Taraful din Clejani, Phoenix, Les Elephants Bizairre, Aeroport, G. Enescu in the background for the interview and it triumphantly ended with Edward Maya which of course it was the most successful. It was really great!!! At least the foreign teachers appreciated it and the intercultural exchange goes perfect!

Today apparently it was the cultural day, cause getting back home, we had some short unscheduled salsa lesson on the balcony and then short films honoring women in the Alianza Francesa. So a pretty good day for science :)

And about the children, some of them might already hate me, but that's good :D Muhahahaha! (I wouldn't say this in a normal disciplined school, but here....this is the way thinks work :D)

In meanwhile...oh joy!!! Here's the weekend! :)

PS. There was here also a celebration of 1st of March (no spring, don't even dream about it) - the day of the accountants!!! :-S

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