marți, 28 februarie 2012

Bienvenida a Colombia!!!

So, given the multiculturalism I am living in, I will switch from Romanian to English on this blog, and it is also very probable to mix Spanish, French and German too. I also must say that I will not be very coherent here you are: two reasons good enough not to read what follows :))

Background: Sunny and hot and crazy wind, like very crazy wind - tormenta style (reason for all the sand or any other flying-in-the wind objects to sneak into my room).

News: I thought my Spanish was good,, not really! Consequently here they don't say guay but chebre or vacano; joder is not good either, jodas. And all these cultural differences are reflected in everyday life in a very rude way: have no idea about any fruit or any other kind of food that I can buy in Carrefour and breaking news: here all the yogurt you can find is sweet, I mean it has sugar inside...disgusting. Another news would be that here is pretty impolite to go in a shop just like that, without buying anything....say what???

Coolest things: mototaxi - for 2000 pesos (aprox. 1 dolar) you get anywhere in the city; lulo fresh juice - the first new fruit discovered and enjoyed (the others they eat unripe: mango with salt and pepper and a very green pomelos); you can drink everywhere on the streets; found a very cool bar in a garage - the alternative bar of the city - that is Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Adele and everything that is not vallenato.

Uncool things: the people from here don't quite enjoy nature nore care much about the marvelous surroundings of the city, so most of them will tell: oh is so dangerous to go there....I mean everywhere!!! and this is a bit shit, but I am not giving up and there are some other that won't either ;)

About the children: never heard any other child complaining like Ay profeeee, no homework no!!! But in the end they are funny and shouting "te iubesc" :) And the other teachers and school personnel are also very nice: from the day I arrived they were already calling my name and talking to me like we would be old pals :) There are also another exchange teachers, pretty cool and nice to hang around with and make future travel plans. And the language thing is just crazy: there are people who speak only Spanish, people that speak only English, people that speak French, Italian or German to some people, so I am not able to use only one language at a time, maybe just Romanian which is not helping though.

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