joi, 8 martie 2012

Adelante triunfante norteno!!!

On Tuesday I enjoyed my first community meeting in which both students and teachers gather in the yard doing the following:
1. prayer
2. Colombian anthem and flag raising
3. Anthem of Valledupar and flag raising
4. Anthem of the college and flag raising - you can listen to it here
5. Flowers for Women's Day
6. Los mariachi para las senoras (I was asking myself why not vallenato?! Didn't find an answer yet, but might be because they consider mariachi something very extravagant :))
Everything was for me very strange and I think pointless. To have this meeting with the flags and anthems each Tuesday is a bit too much for me to handle...pero, asi es la vida!!! But the strangest thing was their "heil!" sign that they do while raising the flag - it's kind of heil but with a more complex position of the fingers.
Find more here :D
The day continued with a moto ride to "Las Galerias": a loooot of people, tiendas and fruit juices everywhere and crazy traffic on my way home, but life from the back sit of a moto taxi is great.

News from el almuerzo:
- bananas (platano) everywhere: in the soup, as chips or cooked in some sauce;
- yuka basically sucks...didn't find a satisfying formula yet.
- tomate del arbol juice: DELICIOUS!!! DECILIOUS!!!

Weather forecast: FUCK the wind man!!!
It's awful!!! The wind is blowing strongly 24/7 bringing all the sand in my room, papers, nose, throat, eyes etc... Plus, every night it feels like the world has come to an end with all those sounds...

PS. Hope you'll like the anthem :))

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cosmin spunea...

adica te'ai simtit cu gusterii de acolo ca si cu trupa de aici ? ce, au aia un grup de trei ardeleni precum noi 3 sfinti de la AP ? :)) banane prajite ? fenomenal, acolo ar fi de mine, mai ales unde ai zis de portia aia imensa de mancare cu orez, oua, cartofi toate pe o farfurie, am stat in bucuresti doua saptamani si am pus 3 kg, daca as sta acolo 8 luni, mama mia crek ce ar iesi din mine. foarte tare treaba cu steagurile si imnu, nu ne-ar strica nici noua macar o data pe luna, halal patriotism avem. te tzuc :*