duminică, 4 martie 2012

Me llaman calle...

By Dasa
No, no, I haven't met Manu Chao yet...but going out in the streets feels good.

After an exhausting week in school, registration in DAS (it's something like people evidence or something), finally weekend... So yesterday night we went out with the couchsurfers and it was great. We've talked a lot about lot of things, we laughed, drank beers and have an awesome time.

And like all good things...we ended up in the alternative bar again. It felt good, I almost can say I was out with my group of friends :) And in this occasion I found out some new tips to discover the area. And few minutes ago the land lord told us that he can take us to some pueblito close by where is colder and nicer...So, really looking forward!

New things that I've tryed:
- tutti frutti - fruits madness, all the fruits in one glass, really really good :)
- jugo de mango - good but not that awesome
- kalentao de la finca - humongous portion in Kokoriko (a restaurant in the shopping mall nearby) for 12.000 pesos; pretty delicious but to many things on only one plate: rice, 2 types of potatoes, chicken, arepa, egg...a bit too much :)

by Dasa

Greta and me in the alternative bar (also by Dasa)

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